7 Ways to Use a Pocket Knife

One image that we’d like to get rid of is the supposed image of a person who carries a pocket knife.  It’s not just for “hunters” or “backpackers”—pocket knives are for everyone.  To dispel the myths out there, we’d like to show some of the ways that pocket knives really can come in handy in a number of circumstances that anyone can easily come across.

Take a look at these 7 ways that pocket knives can be used, from ways that are expected to the unexpected.  Pocket knives can be used for:

rope1. Opening Boxes and Cutting Ropes

Have you or someone you love ever struggled with opening a box?  The box it taped at least twice in each direction, and because you can’t get through the tape, it will take an extremely long time to open the box.  Well, a pocket knife cuts the time instantly in half, and then in half again.  Basically, there is no real wait to open a gift if a pocket knife is available.  Just literally cut through the tape.

Also, pocket knives are great for cutting ropes.  Using a side to side motion with a serrated edge, a person can saw through a rope with a simple pocket knife.  These examples are just two times you might need a pocket knife as a cutting device, but there are plenty more, including taking off tags, and, if you so please, even opening a letter.

2. Camping

A number of unexpected scenarios could come up where you’d be well served to have a pocket knife.  Say, for example, you or someone else in your group has a tick firmly nestled on his or her neck.  Or, where do you turn if you drop something on the wooded ground, and get a splinter as you’re picking it up?  These scenarios are all too possible while camping, and one way to take care of either of these scenarios is to have a pocket knife with which you can get the splinter out or get the tick off of the person’s neck.

These scenarios might be more on the less positive side to having a pocket knife while camping.  Another one of its uses would be to use it to roast a hot dog, for example, or shave down firewood or kindling while making a fire.  A pocket knife is a tool that is so convenient to both carry and have that there’s no reason that goes against having one just in case you need to be prepared for emergencies, and even have some fun, too.

3. Eating

We’ll share two eating tips, one serious, and the other a little more fun.  Have you ever considered eating a steak with your pocket knife?  How easy would it be to cut a steak with a knife that you trust and know is yours?  There’s also safety in knowing that the knife that you carry is sharp enough to cut through your steak.  In fact, in rural France, it’s expected that restaurant guests bring their own knives, according to this article about pocket knives.

This next idea is more about the aesthetic, one which has a rustic and cool quality that some might like.  An apple can be peeled with a kitchen knife, of course, but have you considered the alternative way to eat an apple using a pocket knife?  First, place the apple in one hand and your pocket knife in the other.  Cut a slice of the apple, and then position the slice in between the knife and your thumb.  Now place the slice in your mouth.  Repeat until only the core remains.

fishing4. Fishing

Fishing is a pretty calming activity, and, in the midst of the calm, there are times when a pocket knife is crucial.  Getting a legitimate catch to bite the hook will most likely involve a good deal of cutting and fashioning the line in just the right way.  The pocket knife will help you to cut the excess.

A tool like scissors will get the job done when needed, but a pocket knife, in our opinion, is more fitting to the setting.  The pocket knife will also help to get rid of hooks.

5. First Aid

While we wish safety for everyone, there are times when someone is hurt, and quick action is exactly what must be taken.  Such is the case when a pocket knife is needed to cut bandages or to assist with making a tourniquet.  Random occurrences happen all the time, and a device for cutting always comes in handy, especially in instances having to do with first aid.  So, we would suggest carrying a pocket knife for the “just in case” factor, just in case it’s needed.

6. Protection

Pocket knives aren’t made to be weapons, and we stand behind this 100%.  However, in the rare event that it has to be used in self-defense, then it can work in this case as a way to protect yourself from bodily harm.  Like karate, a pocket knife is not meant to be used as a weapon, but when your life is on the line, it can be a different story.

7. Starting a Fire

A pocket knife can help to start a fire, especially when the weather is less than stellar.  When it’s raining, for example, and you and your party need to get access to dry wood underneath wet foliage and branches, you can get to this wood with a pocket knife and start a fire after prepping the tinder.

There are so many uses for pocket knives in everyday life, from cutting small branches to starting a fire.  The next time you’re faced with opening a box wrapped in tape one hundred times over, or have just made a reservation to an upscale steakhouse in the city, don’t hesitate to use your pocket knife as the versatile tool that it is.

For a solid start or a recommendation for a brand with high-quality knives, check out the selection of our Microtech Knives.  We’ll be glad to assist with any questions.  Give us a call today at 423-525-9477.

What Should Your Boat Carpet Look Like?

image7The carpet on your boat must look just like the carpet you have in your home, but it must be constructed for use on marine vessels. The carpet is a wonderful addition to any boat that you want to keep comfortable, and you will have many choices when selecting carpet. The carpet may come in many colors, and the carpet comes in several textures. You are free to choose any carpet you like, but you must understand what the carpet’s purpose is. This article explains how boat carpet is different from carpet you would select for a house or office.

#1: Where Do You Shop For The Carpet?

You may shop anywhere that offers furnishings and accessories for marine vessels. You will find a number of options that go beyond carpet, and you must move to the carpet section to see how many options there are. The carpeting itself comes from many companies, and you will recognize some of the names as they offer other products for your boat. Begin looking at colors and textures to determine what you enjoy most.

#2: What Does Proper Carpeting Do?

Proper carpeting will help keep the boat dry, and proper carpeting must fit the subfloors on your boat. Boat flooring has been designed to match certain boat designs, and you must search for the carpets that were made for your boat. Manufacturers have everything from heavy carpets useful on yachts to thin carpets that you may install on your trawler or fishing boat.

#3: Choose A Texture And Color

You may choose a color and texture that best suits your needs. The carpet may have a high nap, or it may be flat to the ground. The carpet could be made from a number of substances, and you must ensure that you have tried a sample of the carpet to learn how it feels. Your feet will brush across the carpet every morning on a long trip, and you must walk on something that you truly love.

The color of the carpet must match the rest of the boat, and you will see nearly every color of the rainbow when you are shopping. The carpet may complement the rest of the boat, or you may replace your existing carpet with something that is exactly the same as what you had. Your boat’s styling depends on the carpet, and your careful attention to the shopping process will help you make your boat look lovely.

Great boats have carpet that meets the needs of the owners, and you must start a long shopping process to find the carpet you need. A nice swatch of carpet will tell you if you love the color, texture and style of the carpet you choose.

Things To Look For When Purchasing An Outboard Motor

engine12Most people who purchase a boat agree on one thing, whether it is for sports or basic leisure, if the engine is not reliable, then the enjoyment could be lost. While sailboats must concern themselves with a lack of wind, boaters that depend on an outboard motor should have the same concern. The performance of your engine should be an important concern to all boaters, especially since this is how they will return to the shore. Don’t allow your boating experience to turn bad, make sure that your engine is operating efficiently.

The Importance Of Size

Sooner or later, the boat you own will require a new outboard motor and when it does the kind of engine and the horsepower you choose will be important. There are a few different models available to the buyer; however, when it comes to your Mercury Outboard Motors, the size of the boat will determine the power of the engine, especially when you get on the water. The last thing you want is for the watercraft to be operating at maximum speed and having to work up a sweat to get there.

Mechanical Issues

In order to achieve the maximum benefit from your vessel, it would be in your best interest to have an engine that provides you with the least amount of mechanical issues. It also helps to get the most distance from a tank of fuel. Issues with the propeller may slow you down, but after replacing the pin you should be able to return to your day of fun and enjoyment. If the problem is more severe and the engine dies, then whatever plans you made will come to an immediate halt.


Some boat owners prefer to use at least two engines on their watercraft with the hopes that if one outboard takes a turn for the worse at the very least, they will be able to return to shore. This is a smart decision, and if it is affordable and the vessel can take the second engine, then two engines will balance the power and reliability. A lighter water craft will probably work just as well with one big engine and a smaller two-stroke outboard for emergencies.


Before you begin your adventure in shopping for a new outboard engine, it would be in your best interest to know something about their safety standards and the kind of fuel they consume. Boat owners will agree that Mercury Outboard Motors have a good track record on the open water and the warranty they offer should ensure that you are well taken care of. The safety and security of your passengers should be your number-one priority, and Mercury has a reputation of fulfilling those requirements.

Protect Your Home When You Are Away Fishing

gone_fishingWhen you leave for a week of fishing, you need to make sure your home is as safe as possible. The choices you make will ensure that your home is safe when you are gone. If you have not taken the proper steps, you will not be sure that your home is safe during your fishing trip. The fishing trip should be relaxing, and you cannot relax unless you know your home is safe.

The Security System

The home security monitoring system a family uses should be armed as soon as the family leaves the home. There are many times when the family does not arm the system, or they do not arm the system to go off automatically. The security system must be armed to go off when anyone attempts to get in the house, and the system should be monitored by a service.

The monitoring service will contact the authorities if there is a break-in, and they can care for the house even if you are not there. This service also contacts you when there is an alarm at the house. This helps you get back to the house quickly so that you are not surprised when you come home to a break-in.

Locks and Windows

You must make sure you have locked all your doors and windows before you leave. You might leave some doors or windows unlocked when you are at home, but these doors and windows need to be locked before you leave. If you are not used to locking your doors and windows, you need to make yourself a note. You should inspect the entire house before you leave town. Doing this simple inspection will make your home safer, and this inspection only takes a few minutes to complete.

A Patrol

You can call for a patrol from your local Sheriff’s office or police department. Also, you need to make sure that they know when you will be out of town. The patrol will check on your house every day, and people in the neighborhood will know that a patrol is coming.

You can protect your home while you are out of town, and you will not have to take drastic measures to do so. You can get a patrol to check on the house, and you can use a security system to monitor the house. You can relax on your fishing trip while everyone else checks on the home.

Different Types of Foldable Boats

foldableImagine living in the city, where there is no space for you to house a trailer hitch and a boat. But you love the outdoors and are fond of water sports like white water rafting, lake fishing, or kayaking. Although they have been around since the 1970’s, the existence of folding boats has been kept pretty quiet. It is sheer genius to have designed a boat that floats on water and then folds small enough to be carried by a single person. Some of them can fit into a large backpack size item, weighing only 18 pounds.

There are many types of boats that fold. They include, but are not limited to the following types of boats: rowboats, kayaks, canoes, motor boats, and sailboats. Technology has advanced since the 70’s, so new discoveries in the type of materials that can be use to make a foldable boat are always evolving. Materials like teflon and kevlar are being used because they are duable, flexible, and lightweight. But many of the boats are made from polypropylene material that can be folded flat or stretched to encase a structured frame.

These boats do not need to be inflated with air. The rowboat types can be folded down to be a flat as 4″ thick, resembling a surf board. They range in length from 8′ to 14′ long, and can carry as many as four passengers with a maximum weight compacity of over eight hundred pounds. These foldable rowboats can also be accessorized to convert to a motor boat or a sailboat. It can be transported by attaching it to the top of a vehicle or the side of an RV. All of the boats are designed for easy assembly, boasting of its one person with minimum tools assemblage. The starting price range for the smallest basic boat across all of the categories is listed at no less than $1,000 and upwards to $2,000. One California company who manufactures the folding kayak, encourages its users to commute to work by kayak and wave when they see other users of that particular brand on the waters.

The boats are designed for recreational use in lakes, rivers, and other flat waters. They are not recommended for use in the open seas. For the wood working handy person there are folding boat kits that you can purchase and build your very own foldable boat. So, there are no more excuses for not finding time to participate in your favorite recreational water sport. City dweller or surburban homeowner these boats will fold down flat enough to be hung on the wall in a garage or boxed up small enough to store in a closet. Either way, they are great for a day on the water.

Fishing With Dad

My earliest memories were fishing with my Dad. There was a small pond just down the street that we would walk down to after dinner. Dad would carry all our gear which included the very basics: cane pole, bobber, and a can of warms. The pond had a good supply of blue gill which provided endless delight to my still young and developing fishermen’s heart. Two years later, we moved to a house that had a lake in the back yard. Dad bought a canoe and paddled me around the lake for hours at a time. When my younger brother wanted to join in on the fun, (which was rare) we’d fish from our neighbors’ dock while Dad sat on the bench and took pictures of us and our fish.

While on summer break from college, he took me fishing in Alaska. Over the course of a week we caught silver salmon, red snapper, halibut, and lingcod. Every day we limited out on all the species we were fishing for. At night we slept on a house boat and the captain’s wife cooked our freshly caught fish. We were also nearly arrested for interfering with a commercial fishing vessel (or so the Coast Guard claims), but that’s a story for another time.

Before I moved out West, he flew up to New Hampshire and we spent a couple days fly fishing some of the storied rivers of New England. Dad was never really into fly fishing, but I was and he was more interested in spending quality time with me.

After several years of living in Oregon, my parents came out for a visit. I was eager to share some of my favorite fishing spots with Dad. A couple years earlier he had a hip replacement so he wasn’t as mobile as he once was. I picked a small stream that meandered through a cow pasture; it didn’t have cows any more just some of the remnants of a cattle operation that had long been abandoned.

He was having a difficult time, so I’d cast, hook a fish, hand him the rod, then jump back to take a picture of him catching the fish.

How many times had he done this for me when I was young and having a difficult time on the water? Now he was old and having the same problems. It was that moment when my dad’s mortality hit me in a very real way. The man who had taught me so much and nurtured my love of fishing would one day not be there.

But everything that I’ll accomplish in fishing and in life is a direct result of those early adventures. Those trips were much more than catching fish. They were a way to connect and a spring board to talk about life.

All the joy I’ve been able to experience of the years, the friendships that have been forged, all the memories fishing, I have those because my dad took me fishing.

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Fishing Trailer Boats – The Joy Of Fishing

Fishing has and always will be one of the most relaxing activities a person can treat themselves to. People enjoy going fishing because it not only lets them spend some peaceful time but also takes them away from the hustle bustle of the city that they live in… it takes them closer to nature and lets them have a hobby that is also quite rewarding and teaches you a skill. Many people like to go fishing alone but quite a few also want to teach the skill to their children and like for their family to come along when they go fishing.

The Challenge

The only challenge people have faced so far is that generally the boats made for fishing are quite small and are made for the task of fishing only, no other comforts to shade yourself from the sun or to really enjoy and this makes the process quite a solo act. That is why most of the people looking for some comfort for themselves or the family members who come along while enjoy fishing turn towards fishing trailer boats. These boats are made in a way that offers more space than a regular fishing boat and allow for more storage as well as a cabin where people can just sit and relax.

Many people own bigger boats that they can take out when they go fishing however, these boats need some mode of transportation form home to the sea and the costs of transportation, the difficulty in getting the right trailer for the boat, and the complications of mooring it… add up and make people prefer not to take their own boat out but to just rent one. Sometimes people don’t take out their own boats simply because they cannot find the right trailer to carry them and getting the wrong one could mean damage to the boat, shall anything happen on the way. With the trailer fishing boats, they don’t have to forego the fun of fishing in their own boat with their loved ones without the worry of transporting it or mooring it… etc. they can just attack the boat to their vehicle and head out to have a good time.

Are there any other benefits?

There are many benefits to getting a trailer fishing boat:


  • You save a lot on the trailer hiring prices each time you want to go fishing.
  • You don’t have to wait to get the right trailer for your boat; you can just head out any time you want to go fishing as your boat is ready to be transported anytime.
  • You don’t have to pay the mooring costs for your boat as you can take it back with you.
  • It is easy to have the family come along to have a good time because you know how much space you have and that lets you plan out a fun family time together at your leisure… not at the mercy of availability.
  • Since you can take your own trailer fishing boat out, you can create memories with your loved ones that will last for years to come… a great legacy to leave behind, a great culture to create for your family.
  • You can go fishing all by yourself anytime you feel like it and relax when you need to without any worries as well.


There are many people who stop themselves from getting a good fishing boat because of the possible hassles with transportation and the charges around mooring the boat, with the option to get a trailer fishing boat, all these hassles evaporate and all that is left is you and your trailer boat… and the open sea for you to explore.

The writer is a freelancer who likes to write on a variety of topics, she has been a life skills trainer and is deeply involved with sharing knowledge with others to help them make informed decisions and also writes for a variety of online clients.

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Simple Fishing Tips and Why You Might Be A Fanatic

People like their hobbies. For one thing, they are a relaxing escape from the day-to-day drudgery we call life. For another, they simply make you happy.

Anglers are no different. In fact, it may be debatable whether fishermen are some of the most fanatical hobbyists in the world when it comes to fishing. However, no one is judging.

Fishing is a great way to bond with friends and family and an even better way to impart life lessons on your kids. Lessons can include teaching them perseverance, patience, and using proper equipment to get the job done such as bait, rod, reel, weights, and line.

On a lighter note before we share several tricks and tips with you here are three tips to determine if you may qualify as a fishing fanatic:

1. The weather report always translates to your favor. Ninety per cent chance of rain means that there is a whole ten per cent chance of perfect fishing weather!

2. You have a terrible time waking up at 9 am on a weekday to go to the office but can wake up at 3 am on the weekends to go fishing just fine.

3. The one thing in your life someone can set his or her clocks by is the fact that you will be going fishing this weekend.

As we said, no one is judging.

Fishing can be very relaxing although kids may consider it boring. Here are some tips and tricks that avid anglers know and newbie’s often overlook.

1. Know your equipment and terminology. Just as you need to know the contents of the toolbox in your garage, you need to know the contents of the equipment in your tackle box. Clean and reorganize it after each trip.

2. Familiarize yourself with the various fishing knots, baiting and casting techniques. These are all things you can properly learn without ever having to set foot on a boat.

For instance one little trick about baiting is that you can use super glue to keep the bait intact. Seasoned anglers do this to keep from constantly having to replace the worm. It means your bait spends more time in the water increasing your odds of catching something.

3. Know the area. If you have a boat, you are probably going to be fishing in unfamiliar territory from time to time. It pays to go over navigation charts and to learn from locals where the highest promise of catching fish lies. Know what type of fish are biting and what tackle is being used. Take your time to talk to the locals and ask their advice on any fishing tips that only a resident angler would know.

4. Know the elements. That weather tip you ignored earlier could make a big difference in the success rate of your fishing trip. Familiarize yourself with what effects the moon and the sun have with finding the fish. Wind and weather conditions often affect fish migrating patterns. You need to know which times of the day are ideal for which types of fish and whether they are shallow or deep. Is the water too warm or too cold?

5. Learn how to find the fish. There are several methods for doing this depending on if you are fishing in a lake, a river or on the great seas. If you are on the ocean one thing you want to do is keep an eye out for sea gulls and other predatory birds that appear to be feeding on bait fish. If the birds are feeding on top there is an excellent chance the fish are feeding on the bottom of the school. You will want to pull your boat up to the edges of the perimeter to minimize scaring away the fish as you cast out into the school. Deep-water channels and beachfront locations that have holes are also good places to find fish.

Finally, with most any kind of fishing you will need a lot of patience. However, before you do a lot of moving around try different lures and bait first. It takes a little while to catch fish. Any good angler will tell you that. More than likely you will need patience. That and a lot of sunscreen, beers and good friends would not hurt neither.

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Solo Fishing

Having grown up in the flat lands of the south all I fished were lakes. My parents had a couple acres on a lake and I spent my formative years fishing for large-mouth bass and blue gill. My methods must have seemed primitive by many people’s standards. I started off with a cane pole fishing with worms then switched to a spinning rod using artificial bait. I’d spend hours each day standing with the lake hoping a fish would take.

When I took up fly fishing, the approach to fishing rivers just seemed to make sense to me, despite never having actually fished a river. One of the advantages of fly fishing that I have found is that I get to spend much of my time on rivers rather than lakes. With rivers, I can look at the surface and surmise what is going on with the structure of the river bottoms. When you combine that with basic understanding of the habits of trout it’s pretty easy to figure out where they hold but catching them is another story. On the other hand, in a lake, the fish could be anywhere. The entire lake is their hideout.

Rivers have another benefit for me in that they give me an opportunity to be more mobile. I get to walk up, down, and through rivers all day long without having to fishing the same section from the same angle twice which for someone with ADD is a huge advantage. I used my freedom liberally to roam and in the less populated areas of Oregon, I grew to love the solitude that was now synonymous with fishing. I never really had to share my beloved river. I could spend all day fishing, have my choice of holes and, rarely would I see another person.

When I moved to Denver, Colorado, it was a different story. As it turns out, there are quite a lot of people there who also enjoy fishing. I would try going during the middle of the week, but that didn’t seem to make a difference in the number of people out there. I also tried going to rivers that were out of the way, but I guess people in CO like to road trip and hike since there always seemed to be people there.

One day I decided to fish the Cheesemen Canyon stretch of the South Platte, one of the most well know rivers in CO. It was a Tuesday, there was a 45 minute hike to the river, and it was a wonderful combination of rain/sleet/snow. Surely this would be my opportunity to have some alone time with the river. Nope.

In a last ditch effort I decided to give high altitude lakes a shot. Maybe this could be my new thing. I’d get up extra early, spend all day hiking, and by the end of the day I was alone with a body of water that was teaming with trout.
So here I’ve come, full circle, back to fishing on lakes… by myself!

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