7 Ways to Use a Pocket Knife

One image that we’d like to get rid of is the supposed image of a person who carries a pocket knife.  It’s not just for “hunters” or “backpackers”—pocket knives are for everyone.  To dispel the myths out there, we’d like to show some of the ways that pocket knives really can come in handy in a number of circumstances that anyone can easily come across.

Take a look at these 7 ways that pocket knives can be used, from ways that are expected to the unexpected.  Pocket knives can be used for:

rope1. Opening Boxes and Cutting Ropes

Have you or someone you love ever struggled with opening a box?  The box it taped at least twice in each direction, and because you can’t get through the tape, it will take an extremely long time to open the box.  Well, a pocket knife cuts the time instantly in half, and then in half again.  Basically, there is no real wait to open a gift if a pocket knife is available.  Just literally cut through the tape.

Also, pocket knives are great for cutting ropes.  Using a side to side motion with a serrated edge, a person can saw through a rope with a simple pocket knife.  These examples are just two times you might need a pocket knife as a cutting device, but there are plenty more, including taking off tags, and, if you so please, even opening a letter.

2. Camping

A number of unexpected scenarios could come up where you’d be well served to have a pocket knife.  Say, for example, you or someone else in your group has a tick firmly nestled on his or her neck.  Or, where do you turn if you drop something on the wooded ground, and get a splinter as you’re picking it up?  These scenarios are all too possible while camping, and one way to take care of either of these scenarios is to have a pocket knife with which you can get the splinter out or get the tick off of the person’s neck.

These scenarios might be more on the less positive side to having a pocket knife while camping.  Another one of its uses would be to use it to roast a hot dog, for example, or shave down firewood or kindling while making a fire.  A pocket knife is a tool that is so convenient to both carry and have that there’s no reason that goes against having one just in case you need to be prepared for emergencies, and even have some fun, too.

3. Eating

We’ll share two eating tips, one serious, and the other a little more fun.  Have you ever considered eating a steak with your pocket knife?  How easy would it be to cut a steak with a knife that you trust and know is yours?  There’s also safety in knowing that the knife that you carry is sharp enough to cut through your steak.  In fact, in rural France, it’s expected that restaurant guests bring their own knives, according to this article about pocket knives.

This next idea is more about the aesthetic, one which has a rustic and cool quality that some might like.  An apple can be peeled with a kitchen knife, of course, but have you considered the alternative way to eat an apple using a pocket knife?  First, place the apple in one hand and your pocket knife in the other.  Cut a slice of the apple, and then position the slice in between the knife and your thumb.  Now place the slice in your mouth.  Repeat until only the core remains.

fishing4. Fishing

Fishing is a pretty calming activity, and, in the midst of the calm, there are times when a pocket knife is crucial.  Getting a legitimate catch to bite the hook will most likely involve a good deal of cutting and fashioning the line in just the right way.  The pocket knife will help you to cut the excess.

A tool like scissors will get the job done when needed, but a pocket knife, in our opinion, is more fitting to the setting.  The pocket knife will also help to get rid of hooks.

5. First Aid

While we wish safety for everyone, there are times when someone is hurt, and quick action is exactly what must be taken.  Such is the case when a pocket knife is needed to cut bandages or to assist with making a tourniquet.  Random occurrences happen all the time, and a device for cutting always comes in handy, especially in instances having to do with first aid.  So, we would suggest carrying a pocket knife for the “just in case” factor, just in case it’s needed.

6. Protection

Pocket knives aren’t made to be weapons, and we stand behind this 100%.  However, in the rare event that it has to be used in self-defense, then it can work in this case as a way to protect yourself from bodily harm.  Like karate, a pocket knife is not meant to be used as a weapon, but when your life is on the line, it can be a different story.

7. Starting a Fire

A pocket knife can help to start a fire, especially when the weather is less than stellar.  When it’s raining, for example, and you and your party need to get access to dry wood underneath wet foliage and branches, you can get to this wood with a pocket knife and start a fire after prepping the tinder.

There are so many uses for pocket knives in everyday life, from cutting small branches to starting a fire.  The next time you’re faced with opening a box wrapped in tape one hundred times over, or have just made a reservation to an upscale steakhouse in the city, don’t hesitate to use your pocket knife as the versatile tool that it is.

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