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What Should Your Boat Carpet Look Like?

The carpet on your boat must look just like the carpet you have in your home, but it must be constructed for use on marine vessels. The carpet is a wonderful addition to any boat that you want to keep comfortable, and you will have many choices when selecting carpet. The carpet may come in […]

Things To Look For When Purchasing An Outboard Motor

Most people who purchase a boat agree on one thing, whether it is for sports or basic leisure, if the engine is not reliable, then the enjoyment could be lost. While sailboats must concern themselves with a lack of wind, boaters that depend on an outboard motor should have the same concern. The performance of […]

Protect Your Home When You Are Away Fishing

When you leave for a week of fishing, you need to make sure your home is as safe as possible. The choices you make will ensure that your home is safe when you are gone. If you have not taken the proper steps, you will not be sure that your home is safe during your […]

Different Types of Foldable Boats

Imagine living in the city, where there is no space for you to house a trailer hitch and a boat. But you love the outdoors and are fond of water sports like white water rafting, lake fishing, or kayaking. Although they have been around since the 1970’s, the existence of folding boats has been kept […]