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7 Ways to Use a Pocket Knife

One image that we’d like to get rid of is the supposed image of a person who carries a pocket knife.  It’s not just for “hunters” or “backpackers”—pocket knives are for everyone.  To dispel the myths out there, we’d like to show some of the ways that pocket knives really can come in handy in […]

Fishing With Dad

My earliest memories were fishing with my Dad. There was a small pond just down the street that we would walk down to after dinner. Dad would carry all our gear which included the very basics: cane pole, bobber, and a can of warms. The pond had a good supply of blue gill which provided […]

Fishing Trailer Boats – The Joy Of Fishing

Fishing has and always will be one of the most relaxing activities a person can treat themselves to. People enjoy going fishing because it not only lets them spend some peaceful time but also takes them away from the hustle bustle of the city that they live in… it takes them closer to nature and […]

Simple Fishing Tips and Why You Might Be A Fanatic

People like their hobbies. For one thing, they are a relaxing escape from the day-to-day drudgery we call life. For another, they simply make you happy. Anglers are no different. In fact, it may be debatable whether fishermen are some of the most fanatical hobbyists in the world when it comes to fishing. However, no […]

Solo Fishing

Having grown up in the flat lands of the south all I fished were lakes. My parents had a couple acres on a lake and I spent my formative years fishing for large-mouth bass and blue gill. My methods must have seemed primitive by many people’s standards. I started off with a cane pole fishing […]