Different Types of Foldable Boats

foldableImagine living in the city, where there is no space for you to house a trailer hitch and a boat. But you love the outdoors and are fond of water sports like white water rafting, lake fishing, or kayaking. Although they have been around since the 1970’s, the existence of folding boats has been kept pretty quiet. It is sheer genius to have designed a boat that floats on water and then folds small enough to be carried by a single person. Some of them can fit into a large backpack size item, weighing only 18 pounds.

There are many types of boats that fold. They include, but are not limited to the following types of boats: rowboats, kayaks, canoes, motor boats, and sailboats. Technology has advanced since the 70’s, so new discoveries in the type of materials that can be use to make a foldable boat are always evolving. Materials like teflon and kevlar are being used because they are duable, flexible, and lightweight. But many of the boats are made from polypropylene material that can be folded flat or stretched to encase a structured frame.

These boats do not need to be inflated with air. The rowboat types can be folded down to be a flat as 4″ thick, resembling a surf board. They range in length from 8′ to 14′ long, and can carry as many as four passengers with a maximum weight compacity of over eight hundred pounds. These foldable rowboats can also be accessorized to convert to a motor boat or a sailboat. It can be transported by attaching it to the top of a vehicle or the side of an RV. All of the boats are designed for easy assembly, boasting of its one person with minimum tools assemblage. The starting price range for the smallest basic boat across all of the categories is listed at no less than $1,000 and upwards to $2,000. One California company who manufactures the folding kayak, encourages its users to commute to work by kayak and wave when they see other users of that particular brand on the waters.

The boats are designed for recreational use in lakes, rivers, and other flat waters. They are not recommended for use in the open seas. For the wood working handy person there are folding boat kits that you can purchase and build your very own foldable boat. So, there are no more excuses for not finding time to participate in your favorite recreational water sport. City dweller or surburban homeowner these boats will fold down flat enough to be hung on the wall in a garage or boxed up small enough to store in a closet. Either way, they are great for a day on the water.

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