Things To Look For When Purchasing An Outboard Motor

engine12Most people who purchase a boat agree on one thing, whether it is for sports or basic leisure, if the engine is not reliable, then the enjoyment could be lost. While sailboats must concern themselves with a lack of wind, boaters that depend on an outboard motor should have the same concern. The performance of your engine should be an important concern to all boaters, especially since this is how they will return to the shore. Don’t allow your boating experience to turn bad, make sure that your engine is operating efficiently.

The Importance Of Size

Sooner or later, the boat you own will require a new outboard motor and when it does the kind of engine and the horsepower you choose will be important. There are a few different models available to the buyer; however, when it comes to your Mercury Outboard Motors, the size of the boat will determine the power of the engine, especially when you get on the water. The last thing you want is for the watercraft to be operating at maximum speed and having to work up a sweat to get there.

Mechanical Issues

In order to achieve the maximum benefit from your vessel, it would be in your best interest to have an engine that provides you with the least amount of mechanical issues. It also helps to get the most distance from a tank of fuel. Issues with the propeller may slow you down, but after replacing the pin you should be able to return to your day of fun and enjoyment. If the problem is more severe and the engine dies, then whatever plans you made will come to an immediate halt.


Some boat owners prefer to use at least two engines on their watercraft with the hopes that if one outboard takes a turn for the worse at the very least, they will be able to return to shore. This is a smart decision, and if it is affordable and the vessel can take the second engine, then two engines will balance the power and reliability. A lighter water craft will probably work just as well with one big engine and a smaller two-stroke outboard for emergencies.


Before you begin your adventure in shopping for a new outboard engine, it would be in your best interest to know something about their safety standards and the kind of fuel they consume. Boat owners will agree that Mercury Outboard Motors have a good track record on the open water and the warranty they offer should ensure that you are well taken care of. The safety and security of your passengers should be your number-one priority, and Mercury has a reputation of fulfilling those requirements.

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